Why Now?

Women earn more college degrees than their male counterparts for now 30 years running. We are also more likely to be involved in our local community and more likely to have a seat at the proverbial table. We are executives, business owners, mothers and/or caretakers. We are resourceful and strong, educated and curious, mindful and compassionate.

Are we coming together to take our wisdom, education and innate skills to support a greater good? A greater good in our work place, in our businesses, in our communities and our homes can be made easier when there is a network of women who understand the urgency of today’s world while also knowing the importance of self-care and community.

Lead, Women is a community of women leaders supporting and providing resources to support career goals and personal aspirations. Join the conversation.


Why Us?

Us is you. Lead, Women was started with the idea that while continuing education, summits, conferences and books are plenty in this time, how often do we leave these conferences and complete these courses with no real gems to apply to our personal lives, in our businesses and within our corporations? Lead, Women provides organizations, conferences and you with the network and resources to receive support from thought leaders, authors and academics on topics ranging from “Coping with Life and Work after Great Loss” to “Creating Your Personal Brand”. Be a part of the conversation.

As leaders, I think it is important to not just think of how our own journeys affect our lives, but to think how they will affect those that come after us, as well.
— Nancy Siegel, Founder of Lead, Women., Entrepreneur and Educational Consultant
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